Nazar - V10

Director · Music Video · AT 2020

The sun is black and the moon is red. Our world is in an apocalypse in the year 2120. We are in a forest at night/dusk. A badly damaged and smoking car has crashed into a tree. Nazar is sitting in the damaged car and is completely unscathed except for small scratches.

The story refers to the last book of the Bible „the Revelation of John“. In this part of the Bible, John is imprisoned and experiences a prophecy from God, in which he experiences the apocalypse of the distant future.

The part is by far the most relevant for our current society from today’s perspective. The Last Judgment sends apocalyptic horsemen over the world, who bring blood, death, hunger, fear, but also justice and victory over the world. The profit greed, selfishness, exploitation of animals and nature of our society have led to this.

The aim of the music video is to reinterpret symbols and visual characteristics from the „Revelation of John“ to our contemporary world. Nazar plays in the story the prophet John, who sees this cruel apocalypse ahead. Therefore, Nazar is not involved in the events, but only observes them from the outside.