No one should be able to press colors into shape. For all they are is color. It’s that alone, what makes them beautiful.

Director & Editor · Shortfilm · AT 2021

Some days we find ourselves on an obscure road of eternal darkness, navigating the meandering trails of our deepest fears and desires. ‚CYCLES‘ opens a door to a world where the lines between reality and abstraction blur, challenging our perception of the ordinary. 

It captures the heavy burdens and the shadows from which we cannot escape and offers a reflection on the beauty of confronting our innermost fears, presented with a gentle touch, lighting the way through the shadowy realms of our minds.


DIRECTOR stefan pecher DP moritz uthe PRODUCTION hovn films EXECUTIVE PRODUCER manuel nguyen PRODUCER alexander mandl 
CREATIVE DIRECTOR oscar pecher TALENT raquel villar 1ST AC stefan maitz 2ND AC andy watzek STEADICAM benedikt heinzl GAFFER alex sprenger 
BEST BOY michael preston ELECTRICIANS natalia brezwan & judith dornetshuber PRODUCTION DESIGN sarah heidenreich & felix katletz H&M betty franz 
COSTUME hannah müller COSTUME RENTAL ali rabbani MUSIC maximilian weber SOUNDDESIGN felix reichenauer MIX/MASTER killian mayer
EDITOR stefan pecher COLORIST peter oppersdorff VFX florian senekowitsch & okepasst TITEL DESIGN ander pecher COPYWRITER lennart kos
PA jan englmair & adrian kaindl DANCERS kornelia nowak & judith grübl & christina gabler BTS marius prell LAB/SCAN focus film stockholm
SHOT ON kodak motion picture film GRADING at moving picture company

Festivals & Press

Paris Art and Movie Awards, PAMA 2021 – WINNER, Best Visual Arts in Motion
Prague International Indie Film Festival 2021 – WINNER, Best Student Short
San Franciscro Indie Short Festival 2021 – WINNER, Best Student Short
Beyond the Short 2021, Select of the Month:
Booooooom TV:
Film Shortage:
Interview Hommage Cine: